Amber Berry



Amber began her dance training when she was two years of age.  At just nine years old, she was selected and invited to participate in a scholarship program that broadened her dance training to include all forms of dance.   At eleven she began auditioning and was accepted to multiple professional ballet companies'  youth summer intensive programs.  It was around this time when she  began assisting instructors with the younger children's dance classes, this is also when she began her training with Jacqueline Hill.  Her training with Jacqueline evolved from learning the art of dance, to becoming her assistant , to, in the year at eighteen, having classes of her own.  Amber credits Jacqueline with being the one most influential person in inspiring her to become dancer and teacher she is today.

Amber is a life long resident of Santa Clarita and her instruction and training have kept her close to home.  In addition to performing locally at numerous fundraisers and community events in the Santa Clarita Valley, she performed in the Moro Landis Studios' Gala.  Moro Landis Millennium Dance Complex was home to such celebrities as Britney Spears, NSYNC, Janet Jackson and more.

Amber has been teaching at  ELITE since its inception in 2006.