Classes & Tuition

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Enrolling now for Summer Session 2017 ~ ELITE enrollment can be maintained year round with little to no necessary changes ~ ELITE also limits class enrollment for the betterment of our dancers ~ Recreational to Professional

ELITE Dance Studios Tuition is based on a year-round curriculum.  Calendar months will vary between 5 classes to 3 classes per month due to the yearly Holiday schedule and closures. Monthly tuition remains consistent with the exception of July & August Summer Session Specials, Discounts & Bonus Savings.

30 min class $45 per month
45 min class $52 per month
60 min class $57 per month
Unlimited $215 per month
Drop In $20 per class

ELITE Performance Group *$250 +                      ELITE Petite *$110 +                             Kickstart *$225 +
*EPG Mandatory Schedule Pricing & Unlimited prices vary

Remember:  Summer Session Pre Paid Enrollment SAVES YOU $$$ and gives you the "add a class" bonus discount!  To receive the pre paid discount and bonus discount you must be enrolled & paid by yearly deadline.  (Your regular tuition will begin again in September and will be due on the 25th of August)

*one time, lifetime registration fee of $25 at time of enrollment

Class Descriptions

  • Combo = tap, ballet and creative movement.  The ideal way to start your youngest ELITE dancer!  And YES! At ELITE the 2 year olds do start learning REAL dance steps.  Starting at "pre 2" years

  • Prep = tap, ballet and jazz (20mins of each style).  A class that prepares your dancer for more intense dancing by focusing on 3 of the basics of dance

  • Ballet = the foundation of dance...classical ballet offers your dancer longevity, strength, poise, flexibility and a technical base that will assure them a future in dance.  Recommended for ALL dancers; recreational or professional

  • Pointe = An extension of ballet, dancing "en pointe" is every girls dream.  Dancers are invited to join this class based on technical background, ballet knowledge and ability

  • *Pre Pointe = The class that will intensify the training needed to receive pointe shoes.  Strengthening ankles, feet, calves and core.  Working in the studio with dancers already "en pointe" gives our youth the perfect setting to study and focus on what it will take to dance "en pointe"

  • Jazz = jazz technique, stretching, strengthening, progressions and jazz choreography all rolled into an hour class

  • Tap = classes consist of warm-up, progressions and combinations.  Learn to make music with your feet 

  • *Contemporary/Lyrical = a compilation of dance including modern, classical ballet and lyrical.  A fusion of movement and technique.  Warm-up to combo this class takes the dancer through an exciting emotional journey in dance

  • *Jumps & Turns = take this class to work on exactly that!  Become the most competitive dancer by focusing on unlimited turning and the tricks of jumping that will wow every crowd

  • Hip Hop =  turn your dance hour into a party learning the newest moves, styles and attitudes.  A great work out for any age

  • *Stretch = an intensive 30 minutes of lengthening muscles, breathing techniques and gaining flexibility.  Perfect for all ages and ability levels, recommended for dancers who participate in all styles of dance

  • *Parent Class = an hour of dance party for adult!  Light stretching followed by dance choreography all for FUN!  Beginners thru Advanced, no training necessary!  It's a night out once a week for ELITE parents!  A fantastic work out!

ALL ELITE classes are invited to perform in two outstanding studio performances a year!
*denotes non performing classes